Do They Know They Have It Bad?

This is a school in Mtongwe, Kenya. No roof. No walls. That is just across the inlet from Mombasa. Kishoka YOUTH Organization and others are in the final stages of pre-designing a building for the kindergartners at the Mwangala Primary School. The faculty and students collected enough plastic waste to build for them an ECO-CLASSROOM or a plastic bottle classroom.

“Presently, they get their education under a tree, as you can see. Let’s join hands to help these kids for their future and the best foundation they need”, said Maulid Hamis Mshahame.

Maulid is my brother through The Pollination Project. Both of us were awarded grants that catapulted our projects into success.

He also said that it is the rainy season in Mombasa and its cold. The kids do not have sweaters so they have to go back home when the rains, causing them to fall behind in their studies.

Does anyone have a complaint about the American School System now? Wanna help change the world? Do you think these kids know they are impoverished? Do you think they are mad they don’t have new clothes or a big TV? This project kicks IT!


Melissa Hargett is the Founder of Shoals Area Families Foundation in Florence, Al.; also known as the Quad Cities or The Shoals.

The Shoals, a group of cities in Alabama, has historically struggled with high levels of poverty. When Melissa moved back home to the Shoals to care for her mother, she wanted to make a difference.

Melissa, who comes from a successful background in business and internet marketing, created the Shoals Area Families Foundation to assist temporarily impoverished families with making ends meet. Families that request assistance also sign up as part of an innovative “give back program,” where in exchange for support, they agree to volunteer at the burgeoning Ups and Downs Thrift Shop.

“Our goal is to help them complete an education, teach them new skill sets, and to empower them to have a better life,” says Melissa. “SAF wants to do more than just help with a bill… we want to break the cycle of impoverishment.”

Funds from the Pollination Project will help support finding a long-term location for the Ups and Downs Thrift Shop. You can learn more about the Shoals Area Families Foundation on Facebook.

~One person at a time- over the poverty line~


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